Business Management

Tailored business dashboard software to optimise your workflow and team from anywhere.

Customise your business management dashboard

The dashboard is the first page you see when you log in, providing a quick and detailed overview of your activity. Acting as an information hub, it provides you with summarised details generated by your business.

You can add and remove widgets to suit your needs. Customising your dashboard will optimise your workflow for the ultimate business management solution.

Inbuilt file management systems

Easily manage and upload your documents to the file manager.

Digital copies of documents such as invoices and reports are automatically generated as PDFs and categorised in the file manager which can then be downloaded later.

Attach files to clients and add images to forms with customised titles and descriptions straight from the file manager.

Staff management

Create multiple accounts for each of your staff, customise their account, assign them permissions, monitor their actions and more.

Make life easier for the team members that make your business hum with a timeline of work completed and easy access to forms they need on the job.

Business management solutions, all in one app

On the spot invoicing

Quickly create branded quotations and invoices on your phone, keeping the work flowing and customers satisfied.

Fully featured job scheduling

Take unnecessary admin out of your days with our easy drag and drop calendar and pre-filled appointment types.

Integrated accounting

Keep all of your financials secure and clear with Mira’s dedicated integrations to the world’s most popular accounting and payment platforms.

A modern, mobile-friendly software for tradies on the go.

Mira combines the quoting tool, invoicing software, job scheduling calendar and more that any trade or service business needs to keep the work flowing.