Pool Service Software

A digital tool helping your pool and spa inspection business save time and earn revenue, with job scheduling, payment tracking and more.

Connected to your clients

Staying closely in touch with your clients keeps your business humming. Have all of your client information close at hand in Mira, and know at a glance everything you’ve done for them and what still needs to be completed.

Having all of your client information organised and close at hand ensures every staff member and inspector knows what’s been done and what requires completing.

Scheduling appointments

With an in-built calendar and job scheduling tool, Mira makes it simple to find a time to complete each job. Quickly drag and drop your appointments when you need to shift a time, and attach any notes or files you need.

Got clients who need a regular clean or inspection service? Set a recurring appointment in your calendar and Mira will automatically send a reminder to you and the client so no one’s ever caught off guard.

In-app invoicing

Keep your money flowing without delay by invoicing on the spot while you’re at a job, and let Mira handle the work of tracking your finances. Create branded invoice forms and pre-fill them with the right prices for your services or products.

Selling to new clients is easy too with our quoting tool, where you can pre-fill information with your inventory stock, helping you get your next job quicker.

No more getting thrown in the deep end

Mira saves you valuable time and energy, combining the job scheduling, invoicing and reporting tools you need.

Being using Mira for 6 months now. The system is just what our business needed to step forward into the future. Thanks Mira for a great product and service.

Anthony Smith

I've been with Mira from the early development days. The staff are fantastic and the constant improvements allow me to use this with my growing business. I can't recommend it enough.

Brian King

These guys are working with the industry and their clients to make their software as good as possible.

Di Canham

Mira, your all-in-one pool inspection app

Mira makes your inspection process easy, taking unnecessary time out of your admin and putting it back into on-site work. Start a free trial of our pool service software today and discover all of our exceptional features.

Try Mira now, and get your nights back.

We get you. You’re running a small business and doing everything yourself. You don’t have enough time and you’re spending too long every night on paperwork.

We’re here to help with easy to use job management software, packed with features to support your business:

  • Save a lot of time on paperwork
  • Look more professional to clients
  • Keep track of appointments and check you’ve been paid at a glance