Lawn Care Software

Grow your business with a full-service lawn mowing app.

Easy client management

A full database of client information such as contact details, service history, and preferences.

Freely schedule your client appointments and link them to your calendar. Add new appointments easily by dragging and dropping, so you can see quickly and avoid any unfortunate scheduling conflicts.

Mira will send a follow up reminder to the client the day before, so both parties are aware of when the service will be completed.

Running your land care team

Streamline your employees and their day-to-day landscaping tasks effortlessly with Mira. View an outline of how to dispatch teams at different locations, ensuring that no appointment is missed and work is evenly distributed.

Our lawn care management software lets you communicate in real-time with field workers to share any job updates or customer requests. Having this full-service app enhances the service quality and customer satisfaction of your business.

Tailored invoices for every job

Generate accurate quotations prior to every job with our lawn care estimating software, and send tailored invoices once you’re finished. Easily send requests off to clients to confirm payment on both ends. Maintain a healthy cash flow, reduce paperwork, and allow for a quick resolution of payment issues.

If that wasn’t enough, Mira also offers easy integrations with the world’s leading accounting and payment platforms, like Xero, Square and more! Keep track of your finances, all in one convenient location.

An app for lawn care trusted by the best in the industry

We're Australian owned and have developed strong relationships with local businesses, we know the struggles they face and have worked to develop lawn care management software that helps streamline their tasks and improve productivity.

Mira, your all-in-one lawn care app

With Mira, you have a lawn and garden service that is built to help you worry less about admin and focus more on growing your business. Quick to learn, simple to use, and bursting with features you’ll love. Start a free trial of our garden and lawn care business software today.

Try Mira now, and get your nights back.

We get you. You’re running a small business and doing everything yourself. You don’t have enough time and you’re spending too long every night on paperwork.

We’re here to help with easy to use job management software, packed with features to support your business:

  • Save a lot of time on paperwork
  • Look more professional to clients
  • Keep track of appointments and check you’ve been paid at a glance