Plumbing Software

Don’t get lost in the pipes with our leading plumbing job management software.

Plumbing quoting software

Mira makes it easy to quote up your jobs, with in-built plumbing estimating software making it easy to know how much a job will cost, and quick to communicate that with potential clients.

To give you even more, Mira also doubles as an invoicing software for plumbing contractors and integrates with leading accounting and payment platforms like Xero, Square and more. We help you get paid more efficiently and manage the financial side of your business.

Job scheduling calendar

Enjoy easy-to-use plumbing scheduling software where you can quickly create new appointments, drag and drop your jobs to avoid scheduling conflicts, and get a top-level overview of all of your upcoming work.

Never lose track of your upcoming workload and make it easy to see which team members are at which jobs. Link our calendar with your external calendars for easy organisation.

Manage your clients

Good customer service is the difference between doing a one-off job and earning a repeat customer. Stay closely connected with all of your clients in Mira and keep track of every job you’ve completed, so you always know where things stand.

Our client management system ensures you can quickly access contact details, make important notes for your jobs, send reminders and access previous reports. Easily group clients who share a single billing account too.

Plumbing business software you can rely on

Being using Mira for 6 months now. The system is just what our business needed to step forward into the future. Thanks Mira for a great product and service.

Anthony Smith

I've been with Mira from the early development days. The staff are fantastic and the constant improvements allow me to use this with my growing business. I can't recommend it enough.

Brian King

These guys are working with the industry and their clients to make their software as good as possible.

Di Canham

Mira, your all-in-one plumber app

With Mira, you have job management software for plumbers that is built to help you worry less about admin and focus more on growing your business. Quick to learn, simple to use, and bursting with features you’ll love. Start a free trial today.

Try Mira now, and get your nights back.

We get you. You’re running a small business and doing everything yourself. You don’t have enough time and you’re spending too long every night on paperwork.

We’re here to help with easy to use job management software, packed with features to support your business:

  • Save a lot of time on paperwork
  • Look more professional to clients
  • Keep track of appointments and check you’ve been paid at a glance

Frequently asked questions

What industries is Mira suitable for?

Mira is tailored to support businesses in all service and inspection-based industries, including pest control, plumbing, construction, pool inspections, landscaping and more. The tools offered in Mira are designed to help tradespeople and service business owners streamline their admin and enjoy more time.

How much does Mira cost?

Mira offers a monthly subscription at $45/month + GST for each user. To get you started, we also offer an unlimited-day free trial with access to the majority of our features.

Am I locked into a contract?

Not at all! Our subscriptions work on a monthly payment model, allowing you to cancel anytime without any extra fees.

Can I try Mira before I subscribe?

Absolutely! Our unlimited-days free trial allows all new users to explore our software and try out all of our features. No credit card information required — give Mira a go and experience hassle-free admin.

Does Mira work offline?

Unfortunately no, Mira does not currently work offline.

Does Mira offer training for new users?

Yes! We support every new user through their onboarding process, providing a FREE setup and training session to all new users. Our Knowledge Base is also full of useful information on how to make the most of Mira, and our customer support network is always free and available with help for all of your needs.

How easy is it to switch to Mira from another job management software?

We make it as easy as possible, allowing you to import a client list directly from your accounting system, or by using a CSV file. To make it even easier, we offer all new clients a FREE setup and training session to help them quickly get acquainted with Mira and make sure they’re using it to the full. Our customer support is always available to help if you encounter any issues.

How can Mira help my Plumbing business?

Mira’s suite of tools are perfect to support any growing plumbing business, streamlining your workflow by making it easy to schedule jobs, send quotes and receive payments. With a full service history for every client and the ability to make recurring appointments, it’s never been easier to manage your workload. You can find out more about all the ways Mira helps your business here.