Landscaping Business Software

Dedicated software for landscapers to keep your business on top.

Every job scheduled

Our landscaping scheduling software gives you a clear outline of every job you have coming up soon, as well as who’s assigned to complete it. Adding new appointments couldn’t be simpler too, with our easy-to-use drag and drop calendar keeping you free from scheduling conflicts and overbooking.

Our calendar even links to external calendars you use like Apple and Google, making sure you’ve got your week planned out without even having to look in Mira. Stay well on top of everything planned.

Taking care of the money side

Import all of your standard services and products into the app and make it easy to generate tailored quotes with Mira’s estimating software for landscapers. Easily send these quotes directly to clients and avoid any unnecessary delays in your workflow.

More than just quoting and estimating, Mira also features landscaping invoicing software so that once the job is complete, you can get paid quickly.

Business management dashboard

Take a broader view of your overall business with our detailed landscaping business management software, including a personalised dashboard for your business. Track money coming in and going out, upload and manage files like reports and invoices, and monitor the work of your team.

Keep your workflow optimised and integrate with leading accounting and payment platforms, giving you a one-stop solution for managing your landscaping business.

Trusted software for landscaping business owners

We're Australian owned and have developed strong relationships with local landscaping businesses, we know the struggles they face and have worked to develop landscaping software that helps streamline their tasks and improve productivity.

Being using Mira for 6 months now. The system is just what our business needed to step forward into the future. Thanks Mira for a great product and service.

Anthony Smith

I've been with Mira from the early development days. The staff are fantastic and the constant improvements allow me to use this with my growing business. I can't recommend it enough.

Brian King

These guys are working with the industry and their clients to make their software as good as possible.

Di Canham

Leading landscaping management software

Mira combines everything you need to keep your landscaping business running smoothly, with scheduling, quoting, employee management and more. Put our landscaping company software to the test with a no-obligation free trial, and see how Mira can transform your business.

Try Mira now, and get your nights back.

We get you. You’re running a small business and doing everything yourself. You don’t have enough time and you’re spending too long every night on paperwork.

We’re here to help with easy to use job management software, packed with features to support your business:

  • Save a lot of time on paperwork
  • Look more professional to clients
  • Keep track of appointments and check you’ve been paid at a glance