Staff Management

Communicate with your team, see who’s completed their appointments and check finalised paperwork in our staff management app.

An account for every team member

Mira makes staff management easy, letting you create multiple accounts for each of your staff members. Enable your team to use our business management features like job scheduling, quoting and invoicing so they can complete high quality work for all of your clients. Each staff member can be assigned specific permissions and access tailored to their job and workflow.

*Creating additional accounts will incur additional monthly charges. Please refer to your business subscription to work out how much extra it costs to create additional accounts.

Track all staff actions

Our staff management software makes it easy to stay on top of the business workload.

Monitor the work of your team members through Mira, and easily review any invoices, reports, notes or files that personnel create. Every new document is added to the respective staff member’s page for efficient follow-up.

Personnel management that empowers your team

Recurring Appointments

Mira lets you book follow-up appointments before you leave the client, letting you skip excess admin and be reminded when it pops up in your schedule again.

Client Reminders

Quickly schedule automatic email or SMS reminders for appointments to clients. Control how many reminders you send and how far in advance they go out.

Staff Runsheets

Send out manual runsheets to your technicians' email address with a list of either their appointments, or all business appointments for a specific time period.

A modern, mobile-friendly software for tradies on the go.

Mira combines the quoting tool, invoicing software, job scheduling calendar and more that any trade or service business needs to keep the work flowing.