Jenny Trotman

Office Manager
“We can’t praise the Mira team highly enough & we recommend them to others looking to upgrade and increase their business.”

Meet Wide Bay Termite Solutions, a trusted name in the pest control industry, renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction, industry knowledge, and operational excellence. Wide Bay Termite Solutions operates across three locations in Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay, and Maryborough, delivering top-tier pest management services for pesky termites.

Life Before Mira

Before integrating Mira into their operations, Wide Bay Termite Solutions grappled with administrative inefficiencies, particularly in manual invoicing and client communication. Despite their dedication, these challenges hindered their ability to deliver seamless service for all their clients.

The Mira Impact

At Pesticon 2023, the Wide Bay Termite Solutions connected with Mira and learned about its streamlined accounting and easy online invoicing abilities. Immediately, they saw a solution to their business struggles.

Since adopting Mira in October 2023, Wide Bay Termite Solutions has undergone a remarkable transformation. Mira’s automation features, such as the automatic reminders via email or SMS, have significantly boosted client retention rates by improving efficiency and ensuring clear client communication. Moreover, Mira’s innovative invoicing system has empowered technicians to easily manage billing processes which has greatly enhanced overall operational productivity.

Training with Mira

Mira has provided Wide Bay Termite Solutions with essential tools for success. From seamless invoicing to comprehensive customer history retention, Mira has enabled the team to access vital information swiftly, leading to smoother workflow management. 

To connect with others, the Wide Bay Termite Solutions team has engaged with other businesses through the Mira Facebook Community Hub. This experience has encouraged openness and collaboration within the local Australian pest control community. They’ve also had great experience with the prompt online Mira support team, where Mira members are always a phone call away and there to support in times of need.

Partnering with Mira for Operational Excellence

“We can’t praise the Mira team highly enough & we recommend them to others looking to upgrade and increase their business.” – Jenny Trotman, Wide Bay Termite Solutions

Improvements All Around.

With Mira’s support, Wide Bay Termite Solutions has achieved significant milestones. Operational processes are in order, client satisfaction is at an all-time high, and staff productivity has soared. The dedication of the Mira team, paired with the platform’s user-friendly interface, has propelled Wide Bay Termite Solutions to be the very best in the pest control business.
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