How to Quote a Job and Win More Work

What is a quote?

A quote, or job quotation, is a detailed document that outlines for a prospective client the work you will do for them, how much everything will cost, and the likely timeline for the completion of the work. For tradies and service business owners, quotes are the key to keeping your business moving and earning new jobs. A quote shows a breakdown of all the services you will provide and itemised charges, along with a total estimate. Creating good quotes shows prospective clients how well you approach your work, and can be the foundation of a positive relationship with new clients.

Why are quotes important for your business?

Quotes can serve as a first impression. Sending a messy and confusing quote with unexpected prices can frustrate or annoy a client which in turn, reduces the chances of repeat business. To win more work, it’s crucial to provide a clear and concise quote with proper formatting, wording, and pricing to demonstrate the quality of service clients can expect from you.

Quotes are also important for the management of your finances. The more quotes you send and jobs you complete, the better you will understand how much your time and services are worth, helping you better quote in the future. Knowing how much you charge is also key for managing your overall transaction history.

How to make a quote for a job

There are a number of key details to include in every quote you send, including your business name and contact details, as well as those of the client, and a unique quote number you can both refer to. It’s also important to include a date of issue and a date of expiry, allowing you to update your costs if need be once the quote has lapsed. It can also be helpful to include a ‘title’ for the quote, even if it is simple, just so your client can refer back to it easily. 

Outside of these main details, there is a lot of important information to add, though it will change for each quote. Let’s go into more detail on what you need to include when you quote a job.

Start with a quoting template

Every quote for a job needs to be presented in an easily readable format. To ensure brand consistency, using a template is always a good idea, and gives you a chance to always present your logo. Mira’s in-built form editor can help you put together a perfectly tailored quote template for your business.

Adding in the job details

Outside of the key contact details, the main information you need in a quote are the work details and everything outlined for the job. This includes a list of every job you will complete, with an itemised cost for each, so that clients can see transparently how much every aspect costs. This may also include materials and unit costs. It’s also helpful to total all of these costs and provide a comprehensive estimate for your proposed work.

Adding in terms and conditions

This is where you set expectations and outline both your and your customer’s responsibilities. Be sure to include the payment terms and methods, the expected payment date, provisions for additional work, and considerations for unforeseen circumstances in the project details.

You can also add in a note thanking them or space for a personlised signature. Once all these steps are fulfilled, the quote is complete. Save it to Mira and share it virtually with your clients.  

Using quotes to win work

Detailed, visually appealing service quotes is a good indicator that your business is trustworthy and effective, which can help earn you more business. Sending a formal quote as soon as possible after meeting a client or receiving an enquiry is the best way to get work. However, quoting can also be a tricky business, especially when clients don’t get back to you. Following up is a key part of the process, but you don’t want to be overly pushy or heavy-handed about it — if you irritate your potential client, it’s likely they’ll find someone else to do the work.

When it comes to following up, you should leave at least a couple of days before you get in touch. This helps to show that you are proactive and keen for their business, but not desperate or annoying. It’s also important to consider your client’s timeline: if they wanted the job completed very soon, it might be worth following up a bit sooner, but if they were more relaxed, you can hold out a bit longer.

Quoting a job with Mira

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