Drawing Tool

Easily create drawings, mud maps and annotate photos in a streamlined workflow.

Easy, efficient planning

Our easy map drawing tool lets you quickly map out worksites, highlight important areas of completed and ongoing work, annotate images and sketch diagrams.

Upload satellite images and floor plans, and quickly add industry-specific icons, custom shapes and templates, and a legend or compass. Prepare for any job with ease.

Embed into reports

Once your work on site is done, embed any plans you created into your reports in Mira, ensuring your clients can clearly see your planning and execution of work. Conveniently draw and add to your report all in a single app — no switching required.

With custom industry and business assets, you can make every plan look custom to your business, adding credibility to your business and showing your clients that you’re a brand they can trust.

Suitable wherever you are

Our drawing tool can be accessed on any device, including PC, tablet and mobile.

Every drawing can also be easily downloaded as an image file directly to your phone, giving you an easy way to access whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

A modern, mobile-friendly software for tradies on the go.

Mira combines the quoting tool, invoicing software, job scheduling calendar and more that any trade or service business needs to keep the work flowing.