Essential Digital Tools and Apps for Tradies

The biggest struggle for most trade and service business owners is managing time, and being able to maximise the hours in the day. Trying to keep track of jobs, invoices, staff, financial data and client communication can be a huge headache, particularly when you’re trying to do all of those things manually. 

Investing in job management software for tradies can make this much easier, giving you time back that you can use to improve your business and get work done. Whether you’re looking for the best job management software for tradesmen or looking for tradie admin solutions, we believe that these are the best digital tools to help streamline your business. 

Scheduling and time management

Job scheduling software specifically targets your calendar of work, trying to make it easier to book appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts. Scheduling software reduces the time you might have to manually spend checking different calendars and finding free work slots, giving you more opportunity to book new jobs. Less admin time, more billable hours.

Job scheduling also helps you optimise the allocation of staff and different resources, giving you a quick way to track availability. This in turn reduces the likelihood of scheduling errors, helping you maintain positive and seamless relationships with both your clients and staff. On top of all this, the extra time you earn can be put towards growing your business with marketing, promotion and outreach.

Quoting and invoicing

As with job scheduling and essentially any digital tool a trade business can use, one of the biggest benefits of quoting and invoicing software is saving time. Quoting and invoicing manually can take a lot of time out of the day, and add stress to your staff members when they are trying to complete all of their appointed jobs. Using job invoicing software or a trades quote tool streamlines your work by giving you quick access to costs embedded in the system, allowing you to calculate the cost of labour and materials very quickly.

Automatically generating your quotes and invoices also makes it much easier to send them directly to clients, simplifying your workflow and ensuring accuracy. Efficient communication with clients gives you the chance to build more trust and rapport with them, and makes it easier for you to get paid on time.

Financials and accounting

Knowing how much money is coming in and going out is fundamental to running a sustainable business. Keeping all of your financial information in as few places as possible makes it much easier to manage and keep track of your money. Enlisting the help of accounting software for tradies, instead of manually managing your accounts, will help you get a quick overview of your financial situation, generate reports and statements, and scale up as your business grows. 

Having all of this data together will also benefit you when it comes to tax time, helping you keep easy track of receipts and overall income from all of your completed work. Financial and accounting software also adds a layer of security to your financial information, ensuring it is only accessible by people who should be seeing it.

Paperwork and reports

Good relationships with your clients are built on transparency, and one of the most important aspects of that is clear reporting on work, but doing that for every client can be a massive task. Being able to fill out online forms with templated sections can make this workload more manageable, allowing your staff to digitally report on their work as soon as it’s done, keeping it free from mistakes or missing information.

Reporting software also provides a unified home for all of your documentation. This is particularly important when different staff members do work for the same client, allowing them to keep close track of what has been done and complete an easy handover.

Mira: The Best App for Tradies 

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